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Band & Bracket RECYCLING



"Self-Ligating" brackets professionally recycled with our specially developed low temperature processing.  No compromise in clip operation!

50 Cents each bracket  � 100% guaranteed
slots checked � bases micro-etched

BRACKETS professionally recycled for 42� each:
includes Super Micro Etching - slot checking, 
stereo scoping and selection...
each bracket is guaranteed GOOD AS NEW  
with adhesion better than factory
Standard Service Brackets as low as 13 cents each

BANDS professionally recycled for $1.56 each:
includes Super Micro Etching...
shaping, tube/slot checking, contouring, and computer sizing...
each band is guaranteed GOOD AS NEW 
with adhesion better than factory
As low as $1.26 in quantity

Orthotronics values the trust every Doctor places in us 
when you send us your molar bands and brackets for recycling.
We have NEVER - NOR WILL WE EVER - divulge your names to anybody!
You have our solemn word on your full privacy.
Our business depends on it - and we know that you count on it.
Shelly Semprevio, President/Orthotronics


   Send us up to 20 brackets and 10 molar bands 
and we will recycle them for
FREE just to show you our quality!

Please fill in the form and write "free sample" on the card holder's signature line.
We're betting you'll be amazed at what your bands and brackets will look like 
and become our customer!!

Here is the ORDER FORM
For Questions - contact ...
(Order Form requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)
If you don't  have it, it's FREE, you can download it from here


Our average client saves $1,000 every month
....that's $12,000 per year, every year!
There is simply no other way to achieve these results!
.... see savings example below.

Here are 3 reasons why recycling works for thousands of fussy Orthodontists:

IT'S ALSO SAFE - all items are sterilized before they even come into our main lab, each then is sterilized several more times during the recycling process, and sterilized again before shipment. Compare the safety of Orthodontic recycling to eating out at your favorite restaurant - there - the stainless steel (forks and spoons) that you place in your mouth is casually washed in a non-sterilizing dishwasher. You can imagine how many mouths the stainless may have already been in!

We've earned your trust ....
Orthotronics has been in business for 26 years. We are the second largest recycling lab in the U.S. and pioneered in commercial Orthodontic recycling. We are the first (and only)  recycling company to develop a low temperature method for recycling your expensive self-ligating brackets with absolutely no compromise in clip operation. Besides being  the first to  recycle ceramic brackets,  we are also the only recycling company  to offer Super Micro Etching. Over 6,000 Orthodontists use our recycling service on a routine basis. Half are U.S. Doctors and half are from overseas - mostly from Europe and Latin America. Each month we process (approximately) 100,000 brackets and 30,000 bands. Orthotronics has the experience and technical know-how to please you. All we ask is that you give us a try. No order is too small!! All of us, here in Gloversville, (at the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains) will welcome your business.

When you fill out the form below we'll rush you - via mail - our "info pack" and a free set 
of hardened steel slot-savers/slot-checkers so you can start your savings at once (they come with instructions). Also included (U.S. Doctors) is a pre-paid shipping label. 

HINT: The brackets that recycle the best are machined from solid stainless steel - they are one piece. Nearly every manufacturer offers a line of these. Our experiences indicate that these will recycle more than a dozen times (twice as many times as the "sandwich" mesh pad brackets). With Super Micro Etching - adhesion is no longer a problem. Stay away from plastic, composite, or powdered metal brackets - they can't be recycled. Ceramic brackets - when successfully removed - can be recycled indefinitely.

Now here's the savings example:
(144 case starts annually)

$75.00 per patient - $900.00 per month
$15.00 per patient - $180.00 per month

the savings:

Total Savings: 
$1,500.00 per month ($18,000 per year)

Ball-bullet Estimated monthly savings ....
resulting from a 50% reduction in bond failures using Super Micro Etched bands and brackets. The reduction in bond failures means that your hardware will be working all the time and your cases can be completed on schedule. With fewer loose bands and brackets to re-seat you'll be able to accomplish more every day. 
A 50% reduction in emergency office visits from loose bands and brackets also means less hassle for your patients, their chauffering parents, and your staff.

Call... 1-800-800-1410 (U.S. & Canada)
for order information & mailer
... or email us ...

Here's What Your Colleagues are Saying About
ORTHOTRONICS Recycled Bands & Brackets!

Is Yours Broken?

To take advantage of our FREE mailer, 
slot-savers & info pac,
please complete the INQUIRY FORM below:

Orthotronics is looking for overseas dealers
to service local Orthodontists and air ship 
their bands and brackets to us for recycling.
We appoint only one dealer per country. 
This is a steady and repeat business.
Many countries are still available.

If you're a business person and want to start a new business
or add a new division to your present business 
please use the Inquiry Form below

Email Inquiry Form
Send for our FREE mailer, slot-savers and info pac.
We'll answer any questions and send information.
 if you would like to learn more about becoming a "dealer" ...
please ask us!

Include in your email the following:

-- Web Source..."Advertising"

-- Name (LAST Name, FIRST Name)

-- Postal Mailing address

-- City, State, ZipCode

-- Country

-- Your E-mail address

-- Daytime PHONE number

-- also include any Comments/Suggestions/Questions
And send to:


Shelly (Semprevio) Warner, President


29 North Main Street, Gloversville, NY 12078-3093

Telephone ... (518) 725-2455  �  Fax ... (518) 725-9522

Toll Free ... (800) 800-1410 (U.S. & Canada)
e-mail: ....

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